Thee Asset.

Holding hostage to hearts that don’t belong. Harboring feelings that ring a lost love song. Housing these hearts that I dont want or need the whole time eye was searching for me. Arms wide open reaching for Bri. The only possession of anyone else eye really held onto was your heart. Prayin that you use […]

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Absolutely nobody: God: Eye ain’t one of yo lil friends. You know that time of the night when you are met with the birds chirping you realize I’ve managed to do it again. I’ll be meeting the sun soon enough as yet another night when God decided to God and keep you up at night […]

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Resilient By Nature

One year ago I started a journey that for the longest I contemplated even going down as I secretly watched and admired my mother for her bravery from the shadows. I would try it on for a week or three then undo the hood knots that I had created deaming the journey “not for me”. […]

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Eye two

You always liked the sound cause you believed it was only real when you could hear it. That base level look of it was always appealing . Take the time to really feel, what truly is real. Eyes open look around you busy body to blind too Feel magic, feel Miracles , feel love within […]

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Aquarius Moon.

Don’t waste your mind worrying. Don’t waste your life sorting out the invisible details of the what if’s. You light yourself up at night then forget by morning the beloveds kiss. Take the time to set the dream up; then grow fearful before you even give yourself the chance to fly. Young Phoenix, light up […]

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Eye know you wanna ride Eye know you wanna vibe I know you wanna see I know you wanna be Well eye see you yeah eye see they say beauty beholds the beauty So what eye need for you to do is eye need you to be you to me Glow Let your soul glow […]

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Eye know that we ain’t been talkin and it might sound wild But eye feel you aura like a nigga been knockin Eye feel you in my field Feels like the waves in sync you callin me ‘plainin’ how you think… But eye already knew that Eye see your ways when your not around niggas […]

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It’s alright it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright It’s it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright Issa vibe Issa vibe Issa vibe Issa vibe Issa vibe There you go There’s that song that your soul knows so well Don’t you know that God loves you and knows you so well Don’t you […]

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I know you see me I see you too Eye know you feel me Cause eye feel you too Though it’s much But it’s alright Cause I know Eye loved you, in my best life. Where do we go from here Do we keep standin here Standin here starring here cause we both know That […]

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