Kaynes new workout plan…Or nah

To be honest, even with me being more consistent with my workouts than I’ve ever been I my life, I still have my trouble areas. My biggest work to date would be my arms. When I say no upper body strength I mean zero. My idea of pushups and weight lifting didn’t really seem to be working our for me. And to just be a bill with yall, I found myself not really pushing myself, just goin through the “gym motions”. I had to find something to compliment the inner body I see myself having and the longevity of its results. Those workouts that still get me short of breath and just regular day to day movements that still don’t come as fluent as I would like pushed me to something new, harder and high key feeling more rewarding.  I’ve recently embarked on Calisthenics as a new workout forum. For those who are not familiar with what calisthenics is, to not get all technical and stuff, it focuses on the ability to pretty much be able to lift your own bodyweight. That’s right your body is the only exercise equipment you technically need to start.  Instead of using tons of weights with the restriction of only certain muscle groups being worked; calisthenics can help tailor that and hit those trouble areas with the added health benefit of it simply last longer because its challenging the body to use itself to get stronger. As some may say, power comes from within, Calisthenics is a true testimony work out to that theory. It teaches you how to slow down and use proper form for work outs like pushups, jump rope and squats. Once you have mastered basic movement of the body you can incorporate higher intensity movements of the simple workouts based on what your goals are. I have been doing calisthenics for about 4 weeks now and I must say though the gains seem non-existent with me being such a babe in the journey, they are still gains none the less. Since I have to hold my own weight I have noticed although I want those killer abs, I don’t have to bang out as many crunches or do much core workouts at all because the other workouts I do include keeping my core engaged. Another advantage I like about this workout style, you don’t have to do it as long. A solid hard core good effort workout for 30 min can have you together. I also find myself more willing to work out outside… even at my ol digs in southwest Detroit, Kemeny Recreational Center, which I must say is beautiful  and a great treasure of the city  for people of all ages to be active.

For those that are not sure where to start I would suggest downloading the app Madbars. Madbarz Its a great app that is helping me learn new workouts and even put together my own, with rep and time choices that fit even the most craziest of lifestyles. I would suggest to also get suspension trainer equipment for the house or any place you plan to work out. Nothing too expensive but the equipment can help intensify your workouts as you get stronger. You can find some on amazon for 20 dollars or if you really like spending money they have some top notch equipment ranging as high as 150.00. Another suggestion I would give is find someone that you can do this challenge with! Having a Buddy always makes things more fun. It creates accountability for the both of you, and  its motivating as hell too. That is one thing I have noticed with me trying these new workout styles and lifestyle changes…Constantly creating that accountability to make you stick to the goal and before you know it you have bypassed the initial goals you have set. I will keep track of my progress as I get better and include even my challenges, but I am ready for the ride none the less.

SO! with summer right under our nose its a good time to grab your equipment, grab your buddy, find your fav park and get  these bodies in true motion!


Happy Wellness!

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