Foodie Turned surf board abs…

This is not up for debate, food is the shit. Of course it keeps us alive and gives us energy and what not but, flat out it just simply good. Some good ass food does something to my tastes buds that always puts me in a good mood . In my wellness journey I have found that my biggest crutch and sometimes believed savior has been food. My friends love that I love to cook for them. I love to try new restaurants and many tend to call me weird off the strength of lets just say when I bring lunch to work aint no simple sammiches (yes sammiches) gone do for the kid. For me food is almost a form of self expression, a statement shall I say. It shows that your are cultured, have quality of life and it allows me to show my affections for those I love. Simply put, if I love you I will cook for you, some sweet shit too, (shout out to Grandma Lina, I get it from her). Now I aint no Pattie Pie head ass, but I get down when its time for the get down in the kitchens, OKAY! But with my love for all things food I see how my eating habits keep me back peddling .

I noticed I was what some like to call an emotion eater. When the boyfriend wasn’t acting right, somebody got some good lookin food on their plate that I want to try or I just simply felt like life wasn’t handing me “my way” I had the habit of eating my way through it. I would eat myself into feeling better about any situation. Of course with time I realized this is unhealthy and I had to find a better way to manage stress and find happiness in other ways, ways we will talk about another time… but healthier choices had  to be the route. My health regime almost always depicted my outlook on life at the moment. When I’m making healthier choices rather to stay fit or eat better you can tell i’m on a mission. It shows in my work and in my play; and when those things aren’t happening almost always… I was unhappy with a major key In my life be it work or play.

Please keep in mind being healthy is not just about a number on a scale for me or how I look in my clothes. It includes the quality of my future as well. I don’t have children yet, with that in mind I want to maintain a healthy temple so that I can be just as vibrant and  full of life just as if I was that young teeny bopper on the scene.  I desire the ability to show my children something outside of the stereotypes or the family trend of what we are “suppose” to eat or what black people are known to cook, however some dog ass soul food or cheesecake every now and then will forever be okay with me. In my journey to healthier food choices, I gained a lot of kitchen friendly things such as steamers, blenders and tuba-ware, lots of tuba-ware. I find at my day job many people asking, “how do you manage to eat so healthy every day!?” Every time I say the same thing, It honestly started small, one piece at a time.  Learning what I liked and willing to try my hand at foods I never heard of, some failed but we still learning honey dip, don’t trip! I would suggest to anyone first and foremost you are not on a diet.


I’ll say it again for the folk in the back, you are NOT on a diet. This is your lifestyle so learn to love it. Find your favorite go to meals for every occasion and situation; rather eating in or out. For me I had to learn to keep my weakness foods out of the house, Breads, pastas, and the little individual cheesecake slices that come frozen, yes I bang with those too on a rough day. While at the grocery store learn to pick up a  new bean, veggie or fruit you have never tried and don’t be afraid to ask people what to do with it. Google and some of my coworkers have become my best friends when it comes to recipes. Now that I have a hang of eating better, I would say my biggest challenge now with my foodieism is portions. I will have the healthiest salad with all the greens and veggies and fun stuff you ever did see, but its gone be the biggest healthiest salad you ever did see. So now that I know where to go to for the right foods, now I just gotta master the right amounts, cause still to much  of anything is still too much. Well, to be continued to my surfboard abs……

One thought on “Foodie Turned surf board abs…

  1. Like I said, “Moma certainly could see things and you in a different way. And what I saw was raw but BEAUTIFUL and masterful. I understand much better. Keep being you…You lit girl! You is important girl!! You magical!!! 😀”

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