Write that shit down.

With the first of the month upon us and summer round the corner, the “write that shit down” notion has been in heavy rotation in my head. Not for obvious blog idea reasons but for a few reasons in everyday life including but not limited to dreams, goals and relationships both platonic and romantic. I have always been an advocate for journaling, but with my most recent found love for the Podcast “The friend zone”, Fran, Dustin and Assante’  have confirmed why journaling is a health habit to have.  Vibe with me for a min….

For those in heavy social media lineups we all have that friend or follower/ followee (yes I made that up, I think) that always, I mean always attempts to throw shade, complain, or just simply spew their tea or someone else’s on the timeline for us all to sip on,  laugh at, and even face palm with embarrassment. I cant even hold yall up, I have fallen victim to going on social media vent/soap box moments in my youth that I look back on now and just wonder, “dawg, what were you doin?!” I quickly realized that was not healthy or wise. Now lets talk about the other coin of it, you and “bae” or your Bff have a disagreement or lets just keep it G, yall straight up fallin out over some shit. The moment to give them a piece of your mind feels like such the route to go. Everything seems to be going well and you are getting to some understanding but lord and behold in that heated moment someone halls off and say some shit that just simply crosses the line and makes the person totally question, are you really even my friend?! Yes, we have all been there or at least seen it in action. Here is where I pose the notion to write that shit down and here’s why.

Many times we find ourselves in the moment where the engery just aint right and all hell is attempting to buss open exposing friendships, reputation,  loyalty, and even mental stability to folk straight looking at you questionable. I have found I have saved myself some time, headache and embarrassment by simply taking a step back and writing down what I feel… In a journal, or phone notes in a pinch. This allows me the opportunity to get my thoughts out my head first without compromising things that I cherish like my friendships and my integrity. A lot of times when we give ourselves the time and space to just get it out of us, whatever emotion we are feeling at the time; it calms the situation and doesn’t leave it open to everyone on our timeline to see. It also allows you to get the thoughts in order and makes room to probably get to the bottom of “why I am even mad in the first place”; and not just the surface emotional venting that we so often see or do. A lot of times I have found once I write my “go off then” speech on paper and re-read it to myself, I am able to decipher if the issue is really that deep to even react in such a questionable fashion. In some cases, its written down, balled up and thrown away, in others its written down to be laughed at later, but in those other cases homeboy or homegirl will be getting a meeting request. Now in this instance were I have found myself writing down my feelings and still feel the need to “call a meeting”; with my thoughts being written out it minimized the space for some outlandish shit like some bows gettin’ throw’d or allowing myself to becomes social medias ass of the day. In my life journey I have learned that every action does not cause for my immediate emotion because if it did, I probably wouldn’t be here to blog about it today, But God Image result for black hands emoji. I’ll be honest,  I tend to have a fear of writing things down because it makes them more real for me. Once I have written it down, its in the world now and my next thought usually is, “okay now what”?. Hopefully in a case were it is a situation that involves me having to have an uncomfortable conversation with someone, a peaceful resolution is brought about or at least some understanding. But what in the case of speaking life… into your life?

I rarely write down my desires; rather it be goals, dreams, or my ideal “Bae”. But recently I have begin creating that accountability to put that shit on paper so that its in my face, making me work toward the things I say I want. you have to manifest the things you desire and it can all start by putting it in the atmosphere even in words. The more I say I want this or that and the more I see it, the harder I work for it. The more I see my energy being pulled into negative words, thoughts or speech, the more I am motivated to want to change it and make it a positive. I become motivated through the idea there is life and death in our words. A dream, a desire, goal, or bond can either live or die in our own thoughts and words.  I can recall a time where it seemed all my journals were full of my disappointments rather with life or those in it. looking back on it, the junk was light weight depressing and to keep it 100 nothing got better until I changed my writing. My journals have evolved, I took small steps, every happy moment I felt instead of running to facebook to “fake happy” I wrote those moments in my journal. These moments slowly begin turning into passages of encouragement. For those times I felt I couldn’t reach someone for their encouragement;  I created journals that I could look back on to encourage myself. This eventually turned into me writing down what I wanted and even how to get it. Moving away from me being reactive to what I felt life was handing me but becoming proactive about the desires of my heart. I see the fruition of writing that shit down, it has helped, it has healed, it has protected those I love; and it has challenged me to go for what I want in this life.

This summer and beyond I challenge each of us to write that shit down. It doesn’t have to make sense not even to you. The many thoughts you see passing in your mind, bring that energy out. You never know what healing factor is lying there if you look at it. We are visual creatures, it seems many are able to put things in perspective rather it be that reality show they watched or that reality moment they just had; none the less visuals can be a crazy stimulates. Take pride in starting your journal and be as creative, witty, inspiring, emotional and real as you can be. Write down your ideas too!You never know how you can change the world from a thought written down. I mean why not, it gives you a chance to see your thoughts without anyone around to judge them or for you to judge them and want to change them. Make a point to write in your journal as often as you see fit, its always good to check your own temperature every now and then. And most definitely journal when you are in your feelings cause every feeling aint a fact……Happy journaling…Cheers to summer.




2 thoughts on “Write that shit down.

  1. Awesome! I love it! New word for me “fake-happy!” On point, fresh approach to keeping it real and challenging us to live a more fruitful life. Teaching us to know we can have what we say. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Go daughter! Much love!💜

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