Books, on books,on books…

Before college I could remember a time I would sit on my grandmothers porch and read books, particularly novels for hours at a time.  Especially the erotic ones; Shout out to all the Zane and Sista souljah lovers.  However, I think after college I mentally swore off books; from the late nights trying to catch up on mounds of chapter readings, to simply not being interested in the subject matter. Once I graduated I definitely went through an era that if I didn’t have to read I wasn’t going to. Having many job titles that required me to do a lot of reading throughout the day; coming home and cracking open a book just did not always sound the most appealing.

Think about it, once I got into heavy Social media use, everything was so instant. With short videos or short reads, those always seemed to work for me.  Now please don’t get me wrong I am not bashing or criticizing the facebook article lovers or the instagram educators as i am one of them, however I had to see my own draw backs from not having the patience to simply sit through a book reading that at one time was a piece of cake for me.The sense of instant gratification that our adored social sites created, it also in a way created a small case of a short attention span for me which kept me from reading as much as I could. I also found when I started attempting to read more often, I could hardly finish a book before I never picked it up again because  it was just simply too long and wasn’t getting to the point fast enough for me, petty I know.

Now as I’ve become wiser,  it is very true, outside of life’s best teacher; life it self, anything you want and need to learn is usually always found in a book. In my journey to a better understanding of life and the joys or lessons it brings, I have taken the time to dive in some pretty amazing books. Some filled with stories that can send your imagination soaring and have you ready to take over the world and other books that have helped me work through my own bullshit. I usually keep books in all forms just so I can stay ready. Yes I am that chick that has a book in her purse, a book on her phone and a book on her tablet just in case. Word of advise audio books are dope for the multi-taskers out there, great to listen when you are driving or doing things around the house. With some good weather ahead of us I wanted to recommend some good reads to keep handy in those convenient reading moments. I challenge each of us to get through at least one book this summer and keep it going! Reading by the water at night is one of my favorite ways to end my day. I just finished the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, it is a very encouraging story that will motivate anyone to follow their dreams, whatever they may be; hence one of the many reasons I started my blog! I am currently reading The Untethered soul by Jefferson A Singer, and I must say it has been a good read thus far tapping into the inner most subconscious. Please don’t hesitate to share the books I’ll be listing below and feel free to comment those great reads of your own. I will only name a few books this time around but please be on the look out for an updated list in time for the colder months, Happy reading all!

  • The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
  • The untethered Soul- Jefferson A Singer
  • The Chakra Book- Osho
  • The subtle art of not giving a f*ck- Mark Manson
  • Emotions; freedom from anger, jealousy and fear- Osho
  • Mastering a joyful Life – Sa Mut A. Scott
  • How Successful People Lead- John C Maxwell.
  • Love, Freedom and aloneness- Osho
  • The Mis-education of the Negro- Carter G Woodson
  • Their eyes were watching God-Zora Neale Hurston
  • Awareness The Key to Living in Balance- Osho
  • The Search-finding your inner power, your potential- Osho

2 thoughts on “Books, on books,on books…

  1. Think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Great read for those on a mission or those looking to learn how to rub shoulders. Hill took a portion of his life to examine the commanalities of the powerful and rich and in his interviews he found several similarities and concepts that he shares with his readers that are not only insightful but practical as well. The flow of Think and grow Rich may be obscure for some but mine you the book was written earlier last century.

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  2. Thanks for the list of suggested readings. I’m very interested in theories and theorist behind the conversations. Looking forward to your next blog posting.


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