There’s an app for that…

Mobile Apps are nothing new to anyone with a smart device. On the go or in a pinch they can be entertaining, informative, help us stay organized, and sometimes just simply get us through our day. I would never claim to be the tech savvy app type, but  I have found myself using apps and searching for more; more often now that I am expanding my own wellness journey. I can attest some apps have gotten tossed and thankfully others have help me stay motivated.  With my life always being on the move, and to just be honest I tend to get bored with workouts quickly, I require that constant re-enforcement.  Since my phone is in my hand or near by one thousand percent of the time, sometimes just simply seeing the app Icon on my phone will remind me to get my shit together for the day.

Recall in the post “Kanyes new workout plan or nah” I had mentioned the app MadBars. I’ve been using this fitness app amongst others that I’ll name later for about 3 months now. I’m the type that typically likes to give something a solid 90 days or so to determine if its really bout that life like I need it to be or just simply  throw it in the “issa no for me dawg” file to never be downloaded again. Madbars is like a facebook for workout junkies and I legit fuck with it. Its a free ninety-nine app that allows you to create, share, and save workouts for the future. It also allows you to track your progress and see what others that are using the app are doing. The app has helped me expand my workout regime, and makes me challenge myself to get to the next fit level. The app shows you the muscle groups you are attempting to work based on what you select , how to properly do a workout, and gives you  workouts to fit into any lifestyle; no matter the time restraint. So you can legit get them abs fired up for 15minutes the effective way and feel pretty damn good about your accomplishment for the day.  Two Other work out apps that have been suggested to me that I’ve been using: sweat Image result for sweat app and Aaptiv Image result for aaptiv app. These app communities are also good if you are attempting to find ways to stay active but not limiting to just one form of workout style. These apps have suggestions from body building all the way to meditation! Legit get your whole wellness life, not just the  physical. With me attempting to expand what I try, these apps give me a sense of confidence. I can try the workouts at home first if I want before I walk into a gym or yoga class and totally feel like “wtf am I doin”. Or if I want to just say fuck it and walk in the Gym and look like a level one million; I can try some newness on the spot with my apps!

Another helpful app I’ve found convenient,  its called Mindbody Image result for mindbody app logo. This app allows you to find and book wellness, beauty and fitness services in the community that you are in, yes this means turn your location on for this one. This is a dope app though.  Say you find yourself  traveling or just moved somewhere and want to know where the hot spots are right where you are to stay on track with your daily health regime, this app suggest services to you based on your wellness interest and allows you to register and even pay for the class right through your app.  The app also suggest any deals or offers any of the places in the area are offering at that time. Mindbody is also a good way to keep track of any new or reoccurring classes or services you use. Mindboy helps me find places and helps promote any entrepreneurs in my local neighborhood that aren’t big chain companies or largely recognized; support your entrepreneurs in your neighborhoods guys and Mindbody is a great way to find them!

With me wanting to expand the type of wellness I experience and really taking a liking to yoga and meditation, the apps  Image result for calm app logo    calm and insight timer Image result for insight timer logo are really good apps that I use in my meditation time before bed. These apps allow me to learn how to mediate more affectively. I also am able to connect with others in these wellness communities as well. Through breathing exercises, emotional balance exercises, and even exercised to improve sleep Both calm and insight timer  walk you through step by step through each regime you choose to do. These tools are helpful for any level of wellness. Since I am considered beginner or intermediate level in most of the wellness experience I’ve been doing, these apps give me the confidence and motivate the discipline piece that I have felt I have been lacking over the years.

Most of the apps I’ve listed have free use however, for more in-depth subscriptions to these apps some fees do apply. In no way am I a spokes person, or am I even being paid to speak on these apps these are just true testimonies through trial and error and finding what has been working for me. Keep in mind the goal of is to encourage wellness by introducing or helping expand the knowledge of resources to those seeking wellness in multiple facets. The goals it to also  fit any budget, schedule or lifestyle, so feel free to indulge as deep as your pockets go.  I am always on the quest for new innovative ways to stay active and to motivate those around me to do the same rather we can do it together or not. As I find new apps I will be sure to share and please share apps that you live by as well. Wellness is a journey for all and every little bit helps so lets get these apps, minds and bodies up and running!

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