Don’t be a thirsty Bitc…..

Aiight now ya’ll summer is here and in full affect with these 90 degree days being a blessing and a heat stroke. For those like myself  who love to be out in the sun getting my melanin together and those who don’t mind indulging in a libation every now and again, lets all be sure to pour up the water too! Now I am not trying to be another internet post about the benefits of water like we don’t already scroll past enough of those; I want us to be more aware of the choices we are making in our daily lives and something as small as making a point to drink water is a natural yet simple way to feel and look better; minus the expensive powders, shakes or supplements. It’s nothing new that water is the G.O.A.T. when it comes to our bodies, but it has also become nothing knew that many Americans are suffering from chronic dehydration and many don’t even know it. Many think its just about getting some form of liquid in the body however most of the juices we drink are filled with sugar which causes, you guessed it…more dehydration.

Water is beneficial to everyone, no matter the age or health history. Not only does it quench a thirst or two on contact,  but it provides many  health benefits that go way beyond the surface. For those looking  for weight management, you guessed it, start by incorporating more water daily. According to an article written by Adda Bjarnadorri, on water is a great way to burn more calories by speeding up the metabolism, helps curb appetite, and helps boost energy. So instead of grabbing the energy drink or the sports beverage, grab a bottle of water instead! It should be no surprise that water also is responsible for aiding in digestion, promoting healthy skin, flushes toxins out of the body, improves regularity, and these are just some of the hopefully convincing reasons to get all of us upping our water game.

Now, I am not one to get into how much water is best for you however, for those that are attempting to start out incorporating more water in your day to day, I would suggest get you a water jug. I have a pretty purple water jug that is 32 oz., I challenge myself to drink 2 of those a day, and on hotter days or while working out, I commit to drink a gallon of water. Some days I make the mark and others I am lucky to make it through one jug. None the less, having my water jug with me throughout the day reminds me to take a swig  and motivates me to stay the course, especially when I feel myself getting my sweet tooth or thirst cravings. I mean literally you can hit up Meijer or wherever you choose, get a .89 cent gallon of spring water and vow to drink one a day and be on track! This is what wellness is all about, better choices in every way.

Now I  know for many water is considered “boring” and to some even nasty (however that works) but I have found ways to enhance my water. This allows me to take water from bland to its lit…at least for me, and it also increases the health benefits that I am getting. For many the good old fashion lemon water, its always the kick. However I tend to also add cucumber and mint leaves to my lemon water . Infused waters such as this are great as they help detox the body, promote increased weight management and can clear the skin from acne just to name a few benefits. Think of the health benefits of each item, lemons assist with digestion, cucumbers is a natural rehydrate, and mint acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and naturally freshens the breath. Of course each one has more benefits but just those four things combined is a great start for many. Of course there are other ways you can infuse your water with other fruits and such, and no infusion is always cool too since water alone is the But either way I challenge each of us to pour up just a lil or a lot  more H2O cause being a thirsty bih aint cool for anybody, so drink up

2 thoughts on “Don’t be a thirsty Bitc…..

  1. Yes mam…I just made a two quart jug to help with my weight loss and added lemon and orange slices to curb my bloat and add a lil sweet kick so I’ll drink it down… trying not to be thirsty out here 😂


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