Issa Party Pack

Some days I bat a thousand with my eyes closed while other days I’m lucky to even put my eyeliner on right on both eyes.  But one regimen I have embraced and attempt to keep up, is taking vitamins. Many question the effectiveness of vitamins;  “Are you actually getting the nutrients the label says you are”, “will you have to take them for the rest of your life”, “you should just eat the right things to get the nutrients naturally”. Yes I have heard it all and even had questions of my own; especially in the very beginning. However over the years I begin to see how my body and skin did vs. when I didn’t take a regular regimen of vitamins .

To start it creates the accountability I need to ensure I give my body what it needs daily. To help ensure that I still got my daily dose of vitamin intake rather it be through my diet or through my vitamins.  Its helps me learn what works for me vs. what doesn’t. Even for some of my vitamin needs I have transitioned into finding the foods that give me the benefit of the vitamins daily, but this all has come over time as I learned what I was aiming for and more importantly , what my body needs. Many have always asked, how do you know what you should take, where should I start, its so many vitamins out here with all kinds of price ranges.

I would suggest a multi vitamin for anyone who doesn’t know where to start. A woman’s daily multi vitamin was my start, it covered my basics and once I got the hang of simply taking it everyday, I begin to add on, based on what I wanted. I suggest to help with taking your daily vitamins have a vitamin organizer, ya’ll know the ones the one with the days of the week on it that we laugh at our elders about having. I have one for the morning and one for the evening for the vitamins that require me to take them more than one a day, I also have this in my purse to ensure I take my vitamins each day even on the run.

My Party pack:

Woman’s Multivitamin- Helps with general health.

Flax seed- Good Source of fiber.

B 12 Vitamin-boost energy.


Biotin- Promotes Healthy skin, growing nails and hair .

Coconut Oil Vitamin- assist with dry skin.

Cinnamon vitamins-assist with a healthy metabolism.

Cranberry vitamins- Prevents UTI.

Of course I just gave a super brief health benefit overview to my lil mix up, but hopefully that encourages your own research and discovery. Fellas I know I didn’t mention much for you guys there are some great vitamins for you as well of course a mens multi vitamin a long with many supplements that I have worked for friends of mine. I would never label myself a doctor; so write down your goals and be sure to consult your primary physician to see what vitamins or supplement  are recommended for you. As you understand what works for you find the fruits and vegetables that do the same things and incorporate these in your diet; and of course don’t forget to share what you find works!


4 thoughts on “Issa Party Pack

  1. Omg yesss!!!!
    I’m so happy you wrote this… people are so opionated about something they haven’t tried. Funny how that works

    Women’s multi – I use vimerson health now …( includes natural cramp relieving ingredients)

    Theanime Serene w/Relora – mood improved can’t live without them… legal stress reliever for those who cant/dont/won’t use funny tobacco lol

    Apple cider vinegar capsules— love these ❤ when I exercise with them… pounds melt off me

    Turmeric & MSM— skin & hair

    Maca – supports mood and hormonal balance….. and stuff lol Google this one 😉

    Bought beard grow capsules for my bae… he wanted a thicker one. Disclaimer… healthy, thicker hair grew everywhere else as well lol

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    1. How could I forget my old faithful apple cider! I’ll have to give the others a try as well I’ve heard great things about turmeric! Thank you for the suggestions, Much love!


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