My Hitta, My Hitta.

For many when they think of there friends list, I can guarantee a pet 11 times out of 10 rarely makes the cut. For me, I beg to differ and to some thats weird and eff them that's what I say. Anyone that knows me knows little girl. She is the coolest lil shitzu mixed with idk that God could've blessed me with. My little Girl ( yes folks her name is Little Girl) is very loving, caring, spoiled and pretty Chill for the most part, just like her momma. Little Girl has taught me a lot about myself and the simplicities of life. Little girl has been by my side and understood me more than some of my less legged human friends, and little girl has loved no matter how many hours she probably felt neglected from long days of work or late nights of fun. I have always felt my quality of life was a little bit better by having my lil homie with me. Little girl has shown me the type of parent I am and aim to be and honestly helps me with my patience that is slowly but not really so slowly decreasing . Little girl has kept me out of trouble and to keep it 100, she has kept me from being in the wrong company out of feeling lonely.

Many people have gotten a new house roomie straight up to avoid loneliness, legit I was one of them. But out of that has come so much more. Any pet owner knows exactly what I'm talking about, the excitement your pet shows when you come home from the day sometimes is just what you need. Your little homie keeps the vibes in order and are that energy you need, sometimes all without them being able to say a word. According to the CDC (Centers for decease control and prevention) Not only are pets beneficial to our emotional wellbeing, Owning a pet can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol and stress levels. Owning a pet also reduces the risk of allergies, asthma, and eczema Owning a pet allows for a sense of safety, and allows for more opportunities to exercise and even increase socialization. This can encourage meeting like minded individuals at such things like puppy parks or pet friends events in your city. Over all pets are beneficial for health factors such as emotional and social reasons as well ( and

I would encourage anyone to invest in pet ownership. It teaches anyone in contact with the animal on the regular basis, responsibility; including children. Not only for the pet in the home but for the owner as well. Responsibly, ah yes definelty something we had a fun time with in the Phoenix household. Let's just say, it is important to commit to the proper life style that accommodates both you and your pet and that was definitely something I had to learn but as I learned it got easier for me and even exciting. Times I make little girls doctor and grooming appointments I'm usually setting my own up as well. Owning a pet is like having a little mini me with fur running around that can't talk back or attempt to drive your car… or can they, cause little girl never ceases to amaze me with the stunts she attempts to pull sometimes. To anyone searching for peace of mind or to simply see a glimpse of their own personality in action, a pet can create that.

It's common practice for those looking for a pet to start at the pet stores and I get it, they do be cute! However, I would encourage those to check out their local animal shelter, breeder or even puppy mills. Don't know where to start; the inter-webs is a great start and word of mouth is cool too. There are a lot of abandon pets in need of homes and love, and to be honest in these cases you can come out a lot cheaper vs buying the mall dog. Summer is always a perfect time to become a pet parent, great for outdoor activities and more importantly potty training for both you and your new addition just a little FYI.

To little girl thank you for always being there in a clutch, loving me no matter what. For teaching me to lighten up and even when to put my foot down. Thanks for helping me save money cause I needed to call it an early night so I could come home and let you outside. Thanks for the cutest memories like when you learned how to climb up and down the stairs or the time I lost you in my sock basket. Thank you for being a part of and bringing the family closer together and thank you for making me more in tune with myself and life. Thank you for being the little big attack dog in the night and keeping me aware of any little anything that moves or makes a sound. Although you are way to big to sit on my lap while I drive, thanks for being my road dog til the end and being my alarm clock when it's time for my day to start and we both know I'm bs'n. It's a pleasure to be your momma, you help relieve the stress and attempt to lick the tears away even though I don't play that shit but thank you anyways for simply being love.

One thought on “My Hitta, My Hitta.

  1. Awesomely sweet! Kept me smiling and chuckling. May God continue to bless the “Phoenix House!”


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