The testimony of the Start.

Day 1: As we embark on a new season, new month, fresh school year for some and the beginning of new chapters in life for others; I want to salute to the testimony of the will to start. Making up in your mind that you are dedicated to getting shit done and continuously concurring your days, months and years just by starting and finishing what you start. Set new and greater goals for your self, write it done, implant that desire and will to achieve in your mind and watch it manifest in your life. Whatever it may be, healthier lifestyle, better relationships, goals that’s you’ve slept on. Sometime the hardest part is to simply start, but once you start and get that moment, oh baby… you know you got it for the taking. Continue to to put faith over fear and speak into your own life and see God bring it all together just because you started…. Happy wellness.

One thought on “The testimony of the Start.

  1. Amen! There is no failure in trying. I’m always looking at least for that “one something” to accomplish daily. Not just anything, but something that makes accomplishing a main goal a reality. I guess it’s like a meal prep. Prep my work area to make the area conducive to “work flow” which gives me a rhythm for accomplishing that thing. But now if I can transfer that same thing to healthier eating habits. Actually, I am getting better. Awareness means a lot. Sometime, I have found myself not in the present (mind somewhere else) while eating or simply forgetting to be mindful of the variety that is available to me. The word “priority” just came to mind. Make yourself a priority. You are worth it. :0)

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