The sooner you relax, the sooner you will relax.

Day 3: For the past couple of days my focus has been heavy on letting go. Letting go of fear, anxiety, overthinking. Letting go and find my highest self, letting go and nurture my dreams. Letting go to truly forgive, be a better friend, and let life. We all tend to hold things, people, and emotions so close that we fail to let life happen and just simply be beautiful. We allow past situations, past let downs, unknown futures and a wondering mind keep us bound to ironically enough nothing if we looked at the greater scheme of things. We place limits on our growth in many areas of our lives because of a negative thought. The mind is a dope tool. Whatever you feed it; will be nurtured, whatever plays on repeat inward will surely dance outward. I’ll be honest I’m guilty of constantly repeating the bs in my head. The I’m not good enoughs, what if I fail, and why are they looking at me. The baby Violins assemble to past hurts in friendships and most definitely the sound track goes up to the broken or failed relationships. I legit had to check myself . These constant negative thoughts continued to sabotage my personal growth, professional growth, Hindered my friendship and put a lot of pressure on my love life. I was creating more problems and couldn’t seem to relax to save my life. Although some may have felt justifiable, with all the worry and even drama I created from a busy mind, I had to shake myself and take a step back and just simply relax or I’d never truly enjoy life.

While in yoga today, as soon as I stepped into the room and begin to get myself all set up for a dope class, I immediately set my intentions for my practice. In yoga and other forms of meditation setting you intentions helps you define what you want to accomplish during that time of meditation. What are you attempting to gain or get rid of? Setting an intention is important in the idea of manifestation. Rather that Intention be patience, focus, wisdom, endurance, to be more charitable, or shit just the ability to remember to walk the damn dog everyday . The intention can be whatever we see fit to better ourselves, the environment around us, and assist in manifestation of the desires of our hearts. Today my intention was letting go. Legit, that’s it. The ability to not trip and let go when someone is driving slow as fuck in front of me, to let go of over analyzing why someone didn’t call me back. Let go of the fear of success professionally, in friendships and relationships; and even to let go of the failures. Yeah that’s all I kept thinking on let go of all that negative shit and thrive in my highs. Well ironically enough the instructor got me together. The entire class her mantra was let go. Over and over during each pose and in between she kept reiterating the joy and rewards of simply letting go. “Let go of the apprehension and go deeper into your pose, the sooner you relax, the sooner you will relax”….she would say… all the while I knew the message was for me without her even knowing my name or my intention I had set prior to her walking in the room. All I kept hearing was let go, the sooner you relax the sooner you will relax in your joys and in your highest being. It only confirmed the unnecessary worry is just that it is enough going on in the world don’t let go of what’s weighing you down. …. I hope others find power in that, continue to live well.

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