Books on books on books part Deux: Winter time fine edition.

I know many of us don’t even want to think of the colder month ahead. Not even a little bit, but with the kiddies back in school and Fall weather in full blast although the official first day is a legit 10 days away, I figured it’s time to set us up right for the “it’s to cold to function outside my house” weather. Personally Fall and winter months are a great time to get your read on. While it’s too cold to be at all the roof top spots with the crew it’s a great time to snuggle up and feed yourself mentally and spiritually through reading. And no I’m not talkin’ bout reading your horoscopes or your boos timeline either.

Fall and winter always seem to be a weird time for many. Rather it’s the mental depression some tend to fall into from what seems to be the dreadful longer colder nights, to the pressures of all the holidays and cuffin season activities or just simply not being able to be out as much mixin and minglin’ cause cold A.F. A lot of my friends and I have all agreed that it always seems to get a little tight during the colder months of the year not just financially either. With that in mind make a point to keep yourself busy, encouraged, sharp and motivated through reading.

This is also a great time for those with little ones in school, it’ll definitely motivate them during homework time in the house if everyone around them are studying or reading. A great storyline, self help or how to book is a dope way to spend this time or whatever suites your interest. And with technology always at the forefront of everything, there are plenty of ways to get your read on even in the busiest of schedules. Hard covers for the crib, books on your phone while on the run, and audiobooks for the multi- taskers. Plug time: S/O to Audible book app, where your first audio book is free when you sign up! As you can see I ain’t got nooooo type when it comes to how I read. But seriously, make it fun, start a mini book club, challenge yourself; a chapter a day, and of course always write that shit down if you find something that speaks to you during your reading time, this can be great to go back to in a rough time and a great conversation piece with others. Below I’ve provided a list of books I’ve chosen for my winter time fine collection, don’t hesitate to share your favs or plan to reads cause sharing is caring. Happy Wellness

-The Four Agreements- Don Miguel Ruiz

-Think and grow rich- Napoleon Hill

-The ten faces of Innovation- Tom Kelley

-Becoming a woman of purpose- Cynthia Heald

-A return to love- Marianne Williamson

-Power vs force: The Hidden determinate of human behavior -David R. Hawkins MD. PhD.

-Letting Go- The pathway of surrender- David R. Hawkins MD. PhD.

– The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people- Stephen R. Covey

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