Smoothie God.

In the last year I am happy to say my weight loss goals have made a 180 from where they were. In terms of how I have managed my schedule to fit in some form of exercise at least 4 times a week and by the grace of God managing to keep healthy eating habits even in a work environment that encourages the bulge. So many of my colleagues have asked how do you do it?! For this foodie; working in the heart of the city where all the new eateries are popping up, sitting at a desk for anywhere between 8 to 10 hrs with snacks on snacks on snacks being offered, tons of free lunches, and stress levels high, its nothing to gain the what I like to call the work force 30 in a matter of months. No flex its a challenge, but discipline, making healthy investments, and the willingness to try something new has saved my ass and my waistline. Late fall  2016 I finally got hip to the smoothie Game. After years of trying to figure out my go to for a healthy on the run meal, I finally caught the wave and haven’t jumped off since my first little blend. Smoothies are nothing new under the sun not even close, the things have been around for ages but with the advancements and newer styles, you can chop up whole watermelons (not really but damn there) in 60 seconds and have a full packed meal, with all your vitamins intact and not feel like you blew your whole week.

We all know the game, tight schedule, low on funds, and need a healthy choice as we run out the door to work or play. Or my all time favorite all these fruits and veggies you JUST bought from the farmers market and its coming up on the time that this stuff is trying to go bad of only being in the house for 2 damn days.Usually I can get through a thing of bananas in a week but the way these bananas be set up, they wanna go bad soon as you swipe your debit card to pay for them….fix it Jesus.  I’m tellin’ yall,  i’ll be damned to throw that junk away, so what to do in a pinch? Throw it in a smoothie. . But seriously, smoothies have allowed me to save my pockets by ensuring i’m getting through all the fruits and veggies I buy, allowing me to  try new fruits and veggies and reinvent the game on some of my favorites or not so favorites (aka the taste of apple cider vinegar) by trying them in new blended ways. Personally the benefits of smoothies have been top notch to say the least. To name a few:

-Fast- prep and making time usually is no longer than 5-7 minutes. This is great to still get a healthy meal in even if my schedule is running behind.

-Improves skin health- I’ve noticed my skin is softer and more clear due to the regular high fruit and veggie intake on the daily basis.

-Provided recommended fruit and vegetable intake by doctors. When you don’t have time to count the number of apples you need to get you together combining them in a green smoothie can have you set, especially if you are doing this everyday.

-Gives energy- with the natural sugars and other healthy stuff smoothies are packed with, I get a natural energy boost for my day not feeling sluggish or suffering from the midday crash later.

-A good way to detox, while I’ve been doing my 30 day yoga challenge, this has helped my digestive system tremendously, flushing out my body and not leaving me feeling weighted down, hence the energy and poppin skin!

-Filling- you would think drinking my breakfast or lunch would leave me feeling hungry right after but its the complete opposite. A 24 oz smoothie and a cup of green tea first thing in the morning gets me through the first half of the day and yes I literally mean half the day.

-Improves immune system- tis the season for the sniffles so a healthy immune system is super key to keep it moving.Your daily vitamin intake from your smoothies can help build that immune system making you less likely to get or stay sick.

Of course the list goes on for what I’ve found has helped me but we will be here all day, and I want you to find your own benefits and share them! So next on the smoothie agenda you ask!? What kind you ask!? Well let me get you together. I use the Ninja blender (THANKS MOMMA  GIRL!). Its a dope little set up that comes with a multiple range of cup sizes and blending options for your everyday needs and it also came with a recipe book! That was probably my favorite part, the recipe book give you great ideas to use fruits, vegetables and a plethora of other foods to use in a blender that I never even thought of but are actually quite filling and tasty. I am typically having at least 1 smoothie a day preferably in the morning and if I didn’t do my meal prep for the entire week or working from home, i’m having a smoothing for lunch as well. My next step is to venture in juicing.  I have heard a lot of great things about it and want to explore the options with it as well. So when I get my first juicer, ill be sure to get yall the skinny on it, until then share your smoothie or juicing experiences with me and continue to live well.

PS: Happy first day of my favorite season of the year…. FALL!



4 thoughts on “Smoothie God.

    1. Anything I can add peanut butter or ginger to is always dope. From the recipe book it’s one called a banana sweet potato blast, sooooo good! It uses a cooked and cooled sweet potato, dates, recommends skim milk but I prefer almond or coconut milk, nutmeg, and bananas and I add a little cinnamon and spinach….! Another good one is chai spiced, it has pear, ginger, spinach, brewed and chilled chai tea, lemon juice and mangoes, another good one! My go to though is blueberries, banana, spinach, mango with almond milk or sometimes I’ll change it up with coconut water and add chia seeds for protein and fiber. All dope choices amongst others.


  1. This is a good topic for sure; seeing that I just got a “Ninja blender.”😊 I figured I needed to try it for myself. Here I buy one for my daughter to support her in her life change to healthier life style, “not diet,” and then I stop by a friends house only for her to tell me about this new kitchen gadget she was able to get at a ridiculous price. What was it? A Ninja blender! So now I’m on board.

    I have to keep reminding myself of its purpose (more than to add to my kitchen decor).

    Surprisingly, I find the smoothies really filling. A little booklet of recipes came with mine too, but I also checked out Five Below (most of their books are $5 or less), and was able to pick up a book with nothing but smoothies in it. I guess you can say for sure, I’m without any excuses as it relates to ideas. So are you figuring out in advance what kind of smoothies you want and then go shopping for the items? Or do you recommend just random selection of items upon your visit to the market place?

    P.S.: “You are welcome!” Love “Mommy girl!”😊👋🏾


    1. I’ll grab my basic smoothie ingredients for my go to’s but I also make it a point to try one new smoothie at least every week or couple of weeks so I’ll be sure to add the ingredients on my list and grab things for that as well.


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