Not Gangnam Style but Vegan Style.

In celebration of my mommas birthday, I always manage to pull out all the stops. Buy her some hype shit, introduce her to some hype shit, or give her a new experience, you know, some hype shit. This birthday celebration was nothing short of the same, however I wanted us to experience something new, together. My mother has always been my biggest support system in whatever endeavors I have chosen for myself and when I started really taking a more serious look at my eating habits and hers too, I think that’s when she thought I had lost my mind. She wasn’t for the Kale and the lack of pepsi’s in her life. I could tell she was tired of my lectures every time I visited the house, I think she would hide her pepsi colas just to keep me quiet, jk. But none the less my mother has been one the many reasons I have taken our family health and wellness in general so serious. Since I was a little girl I remember seeing my mother always make a point to take care of herself, checking in with herself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It was only natural that at 6 years old I had to tell her I couldn’t go to a function cause I just needed to take some time to myself  and proceeded to pamper myself on that day….yes, at six years old. So as an adult I’ve honesty probably only gotten worse with my constant self check ins, but in a good way.

I had been hearing mad reviews about a new eatery  in the city. Now I haven’t crossed over to the complete vegan regimen, at least not yet, however I tend to dibble and dabble just to try other options cause anyone that knows me knows I’m a foodie at heart. Now how I was going to pitch a vegan brunch on this woman’s’ birthday was beyond me but I made it work and to say the least…. WE LOVED IT. Detroit Vegan Soul is a quant little spot on the east side of Detroit that puts a vegan spin on soul food. Now I know we are all wondering and doubting cause soul food is SOULFUL and the idea of vegan soul food had me confused too at first, no lie. But momma girl and I were pleased and happy to say, the food is flavorful and filling, the service is pleasant, and the atmosphere is dope vibes only type.

To start we had a Black Eye Pea hummus with pita bread along with an Okra strew that came with these little cute muffin things, Appetizer game SLAPPED! Check I got pictures for proof ya’ll (beverage pictured is the Hibiscus punch, lets just say slap mode on that too).


For our brunch, momma girl had the ATL sandwich :


and I had the DVS veggie burger (not pictured because it was too bomb and I smashed before I could get a photo op; judge me, I don’t care).

We completed our meals with smoothies and green juices, WHOOP WHOOP!


Green life and strawberry dream, pictured above.


lipbarSo I had won with the food choice for the birthday girl, but I wasn’t done yet. While we were on our way to the brunch I spotted a dope little shop called the The Lip Bar. The Lip bar is a Black Owned, all natural vegan Lip stick company that is currently a pop up shop  located next to Detroit Vegan soul! I saw the young lady that was running the pop up shop come into the restaurant to pick up some food and instantly loved her lip color, so I made a point to drag my mother in there because momma girl loves a good lip paint and her daughter knows it. We were both able to get some awesome colors, my choices were a pretty fall matte purple called Pre Madonna and a neutral gloss called HBIC… IKR!? The colors are bold, the feeling is smooth, the quality is over all amazing and you don’t have to spend the day re-Appling your lipstick. To add, the entrepreneurial journey of the founder Melissa, is inspiring to say the least, anyone with a thing for lip color should check out the pop up shop ASAP, before they move; you can also find the brand on and The Lip bar Website.

So An A plus, Momma girl and I had a dope vegan day experience. We treated our bodies well and got to spend some much needed quality time; building, learning, and experiencing wellness together. Build your wellness family and find wellness in everything you do, jot it down, share it with others and continue to educate yourself and those around you. Be sure to check out the spots above and recommend some other great wellness options and give your feed back and remember,  pictures are cool too!

Continue to live well.







2 thoughts on “Not Gangnam Style but Vegan Style.

  1. This was awesome! The food was filling but not heavy. Surprisingly, unlike Chinese food, I wasn’t hungry again later on either. Knowing I took another step towards wellness certainly made the day a “well day.” Grateful to be on the journey with my favorite and one and only lil queen!😊 #PrettyLips💋


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