My First Wanderlust 108 5K

wanderlust 5   Transitioning into a new season, revisiting and checking in on goals I made at the top of the year, and as always checking in with myself emotionally; the Month of September was a month of rejuvenation for ya girl. I kicked up my Bikram yoga practice and began exploring new depths to my practice and myself. During this time I was introduces to Wanderlust  I had always liked the word and understood its meaning to be a strong loving for or impulse to wander or travel.  This has always described my nature; the desire to explore, go against what most are doing and to “find my true north”. However the Wanderlust community is so much more than just the word. On October first I kicked off the Beginning of my Birthday Month (gift and blessing plug) participating in my first Wanderlust 108 5K run. I had literally just heard of Wanderlust maybe 2 weeks prior by one of my yogi instructors because I wore one of my favorite hoodies with the word on it and she instantly inquired had I been. I never knew this was an actual place or event, and to find an event hosted in my city 2 weeks later on a whim!?!?!?!? First off I was freaked out, but more importantly I was hype and I knew I had to attend!

Wanderlust 108, is a “mindful” 5K  triathlon filled with of course running or whatever  gets you to the finish line, yoga, meditation, music, food, shopping, affirmations, mantras, tons of wellness actively. For sake of time, over all its just a big party for yogis new or seasoned, that will get your body in motion and your mind in line. The wanderlust community brought hundreds of yogis from all over Michigan to enjoy a day of wellness, encouragement, and mindfulness to Belle Isle Park. Now y’all, I haven’t been to Bell Isle in some years so to get my yoga life in the Park I used to stunt in my mommas 99 Ford Tarus all up and through the 2000s and beyond… had me overwhelmed with joy, no lie.

Now I will be honest I was impulsive when I signed up, literally 7 days before the event. I didn’t have friend to call to drop the bread with me at such late notice but fuck it I didn’t care. I had faith and hope i’d find someone to vibe with. The atmosphere was cleansing, the energy was high, from everyone! To be surrounded by so many, different age groups, different  backgrounds, different practices and intentions, I had no problem vibing and setting my “its gonna be boring without someone I know there” anxiety aside.

wanderlust 1

The wellness activities provided ranged from Hooping, acroyoga, a music and yoga semninar, essential oils workshop, flow and restore practice and so much more. AND THE FOOD, YALL! Food truck galore and some good shit too; but not just any ol food trucks, they had vegan food trucks, vegetarian food trucks, any kind of healthy or organic food truck you could think of they had it…I know you are thinkin…how sway!? but im telling yall it was lit and I came ready to experience it all. I would suggest to anyone that wants to find a yoga community to attend Wanderlust. Not only was it a day of good vibes only, but I left with so much mentally and emotionally; feeling refreshed and renewed.I don’t want to spoil all the fun but hope to have peeked some interest for more of us to partake in such a dope time. The Wanderlust trianthon tour was a great expereice and I plan on attending again. I also want to attend the Wanderlust festival, yes yall they got a 3 to 4 day festival of mindfull fun shit. So get ready to either join me or hear about that too…Continue to live well and Happy October!

4 thoughts on “My First Wanderlust 108 5K

  1. Sounds great! Praying for a continued healthy journey! Yoga certainly much more than I imagined. Thanks for bringing the awareness.😊


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