Knowing when to Break.

Most don’t bring wellness full circle to include vacations, experiences, and fun but those are most definitely a part of the journey.I’ve been taking inventory on my quality of life, seeing what I wanna adjust, experience and expand on; and traveling has been a big thing that i’ve been wanting to do more of.  Especially now that I have a passport; I’ve deemed my territory as limitless.  Getting caught up in the everyday same ol routine of work, responsibilities, and being productive, It gets tiring. Especially if you are anything like me, going way too hard on myself sometimes, as if the world doesn’t pressure and stress us enough. For my birthday I took a much needed recess and just enjoyed life. Didn’t hit any grand deadlines, didn’t hit the gym or yoga every day like I usually do, brought out some of the Sexy Phoenix gear, explored, and actually indulged in eating some of my favorite cheat day meals on days that weren’t cheat days.

IMG_0323Knowing when and most importantly how to break is key to keeping your goals a priority and knowing when and how to make changes if need be. Breaking from the normal routine, allows you to actually celebrate where you have come from, where you are currently at, purge on some unnecessary baggage and to continue to prep and plan for where you are going. Throughout my vacation I did a lot of self reflections, shed a few tears,  wrote some shit done, danced like no one was watching, and explored the unfamiliar, but it got me together to go even harder for the new year ahead.  We need times to unplug, log off, and DND. To get back to the wholeness we need to be, to conquer the scary stuff. Taking a break allows you to build strong and lasting relationships with yourself and those you care about. And helps you see you because that time shouldn’t be saturated with filters, opinions, or likes . Breaking allows us the time to recharge and reinvent. Stirring curiosity and creativity; and bring your dreams to the forefront.


I would suggest to anyone to travel abroad, shit even if it aint abroad get the fuck out yo own backyard.  To experience a culture that I have always been intrigued by, the people, the food, the history, and the love was nothing short of amazing. It encouraged me to learn more about my own history just to get out my own element. We get so caught up in the everyday we don’t realize that each of those days are a blessing of some sort and each of those days add up to create our own history. We get so caught up in being stuffy adults we forget we were once children full of personality and curiosity but, adulating calls. Breaking makes you tap into shit and people you actually say you like, not shit you fake pretend to care about or the things your job, family, friends or society seem to make a priority in your life. Shit I mean at least that’s what my break did for me. I got to Go to Bob Marley’s house ( no legit really went on a tour to his house), water board for the first time, conquered Dunn’s rivers falls, water rafted, dance is true Rude Gyal fashion, and experience more life, literally! So shout out to the breaks and what they do for us all, don’t be afraid to let your hair down every now and then, it’ll keep you running in the race….See you at the finish line and continue to live well.


One thought on “Knowing when to Break.

  1. Real talk…we can become encouraged when we see others move on (forward). It can make you stop and ask yourself questions like… “What am I waiting on?” When we take a step, we demonstrate our faith and God smiles.😊

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