23andme and Misses me too

With everyone indulging in the holiday festivities and coming close to wrapping up yet another year (a year that has went by fast as fuck if your ask me). This is the time we get and opportunity to spend a little more time with our loved ones. Catching up with family and those we consider family no matter the bloodline, sharing stories and creating more history with those we hold close.

With this time of the year around you may find yourself at the table asking Big momma or uncle Pete (S/O to the classic movie Soul Food) why everyone in the family has big ears and I’m just hoping the answer ain’t cause we keeping the ears to the streets. But seriously have you found yourself wondering where those signature family features or lack there of, even came from and why? I was recently introduced to 23andme. No, I’m not 23 years old forevah, I’m actually 24 forevah but that’s another topic for another day. 23andme is a lil cute DNA saliva kit that allows you to explore your own genetic DNA, IKR?

This little bundle of fun kit will generate an online genetic report that shows you an in-depth ancestors report, possible genetic health risks and carrier status for those planning a family (sorry pops and momma girl, ain’t no planning this way, yet). 23and me uses a small salvia sample (yes y’all just ya spit stuff) and shows the participants 23 chromosome make-up. This can educate you on how your own genetics can influence health risks and trends. The results also educate on how each participants genes affect overall wellness with each individuals lifestyle choices, informs of any traits your DNA has; and my favorite part, allows you to discover where your DNA is from. Y’all I found out I’m 80.1% West African, 5.9% British and 1% East Asian and Native American; I’ll let you all wonder about the other 13% πŸ™ƒ.

23andMe allows you to connect with others and share your finding with those you choose, can assist those who want to find commonalities or differences amongst friends and family, can help you discovery your family tree a little bit further, and help assist with any health concerns you may want to discuss with your doctor and the results are all sent to your 23andme account that can also be accesses and compared through a mobile app! Please be mindful this doesn’t diagnose any finding but should be used as a tool to assist in any family research and a guide to consult with your doctor.

Again no plug as these 23andme folks are not payin the kid for advertisement however, with this being a time of family, this could be a great tool to discover your family; better yet yourself. What better way to go into the new year, a new discovered you, all pun right here. Taking the opportunity to educate yourself about the stuff you are made of can assist in finding what wellness tips may or may not be useful to you. It can also explain a lot of traits that are hereditary and may motivate you to find ways to improve your family line. Take the time to discovery you to continue to become a better you!

Happy Wellness πŸ’

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