Coldest winter ever….Understatement.

Winter time has and forever will be a hard time for me. Between the below zero cant feel yo face temps, yall sick cousins that don’t know how to just stay they sick ass in the house, “cuffin season games”, the sudden wear and tear on my whip and just simply craving the influences of the sun; with the most appropriate least amount of clothes I can get with. Detroit winters forever will not be my favorite, yet I still haven’t moved to somebodies Island. One thing I have challenged myself to do more of through this wintery wondertrash season has been to love winter just as much as I adore warmer days. Get out more, even in the cold. Still hit the gym and yoga,  still find and attend all these dope events like I love to do so much, still connect with friends and family, still be a member of society and still move forward with my dreams and goals. It’s so easy to say “when the weather breaks, imma……”, or I cant wait till spring so i can finally……” How many opportunities have we put off until it was warm. How many changes have we put off until it seemed easier or when it was more convenient. How many of us avoided the cold and “hard” and kept hammering the warmth and “easy” cause it came easier to bear? I find myself even noticing in my fitness, i’ll do five million more warm jumping jacks but will avoid them cold hard side planks, or that hand stand in yoga I’ve been meaning to practice, but get with the shavasana all damn day.  When I think about it the only way I’ll learn to love this shit is to keep life moving as if aint nothing changed, but the weather. How do I expect to get the ground breaking moment if I continue to stop life when it gets a little cold or uncomfortable. Especially with me knowing …its coming anyway; and more importantly im going to be just fine. You just gotta respect the balance of life. For every sunny day comes a wintery wonderland or rainy day to keep me humble, keep me balanced, and to change and grow me for the better.  I’ll admit, keeping the momentum is tough, but that’s the only way you keep your rhythm. I find myself seeing and feeling the cold even from those around me cause typically after the holiday season everyone’s ready for this winter shit to pack its bags and bring summers funky ass back, but im challenging all of us to continue to flourish even when it’s cold out, keep your positive momentum, even when all hell is breaking lose, Continue to push for greatness and keep your goals at the forefront even when its cold outside, and most importantly continue to do the work….That’s how you continue to win.

Continue to Live well.

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