Hair flair starter pack

The difference a year makes…. one day I got scissor happy and cut it… most of it at least. But with a lot of hair TLC and patience, my Maine is back and healthier longer and stronger like it never left. With the dramatic hair change of course comes the inquires and to be honest sis/big fella, I don’t have the answers sway. Of course it was a lot of trial and error, bunch of YouTube tutorials and eventually I had to just find my own swag. Now usually when I give that answer which is dead ass the trust, I almost always get the side eye like I don’t want y’all to be great out here so I took the time to put a list together of shit I did to get and keep my hair healthy. Disclaimer I won’t be going into grave detail with product name dropping however I will provide some tips that helped me stay constant and helped me see and maintain hair results so hope this helps:

In terms of Products Don’t be afraid of trial and error. I have tried almost everything! The popular Instagram shit, the super expensive stuff I find at the beauty supply, even dabbled in Sally’s and even the not so much hair stuff. I had to be willing to step out of the box when it came to my hair. I’ve modified my regime and continue to do so and monitor my progress …somethings I keep and somethings I delete; either way I don’t limit myself to find something else I like especially if I see results.

With that said;

Take progression pics:

When you start a new product take a before pic so you can see where you are in terms of length and texture. We all know pics don’t lie, unless you get carried away with some of them filters on Snapchat but that’s not what we are here to discuss so, Yeah pictures allow me to see where I started and where I am and if I want to continue with the product I’m currently experimenting with for my hair care regimen. I would also advise to stick to your regime you put together for at least 3-6 months before you deem it 🗑. Hair growth and health doesn’t happen overnight and to truly see if something is working for you, you have to give it time. Of course this doesn’t apply if you are having side effects or you can clearly tell something isn’t working for you. Don’t be sittin up here with a whole patch of hair missin from some brand talkin bout you waiting on you six month sign that I suggested, naw fam don’t even.

Let it be:

You should not be styling, touching or prepping your hair everyday! This was very hard for me at first. In the beginning I would have my fingers in my head everyday y’all, and to be honest my head looked like it too. Edges was strugglin, combs and brushed kept some hair in em and of course I saw no growth. Your hair needs time to chill. Fuckin with it aalllllll thee time, will have you out here bold, irritated and frustrated. I kept all the expensive products but couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing any results. With me re-braiding, retwristing, rerolling or simply just playing in the hair every-damn-day that was a problem. I had to find styles that last for longer periods of times (4-7 days). Not only did this help my hair grow it also made doing my hair fun, something to look forward to because then it wasn’t an everyday time consuming job.

Things to invest in:

All satin Everything sis. Pillows, hats, scarves, head wraps; all dat shit and then some. Here’s why, satin is great on hair. The fibers of satin help maintain styles, don’t snag the hair and also doesn’t dry the hair out. Unlike most of our cotton clothing and hats these things can dry the hair out and also cause breakage. Defeating the whole purpose of what your trying to do right? Right, so satin it up!

Blow dryer:

A good blow dryer too. This comes in handy when I am in a rush and my twist out don’t wanna twist out or dry in enough time. Low heat from a good dryer helps cut dry time In half and on a low heat setting won’t dry the hair out or cause damage. Also when it’s time to deep condition if you invest in additional attachments for your dryer and some conditioner caps as well your can deep condition your hair yourself instead of spending a band for an over priced hairstylist for your deep condition days.

Spray bottles

Spray bottles have allowed me to mix my own essentials oils that I find work best for my hair and provide the most moisture and promotes the most hair growth. Plus you know exactly what’s in the bottle vs trying to cypher though the ingredient labels on some of the popular brands. Oils I tend to use and mix in my spray bottles with water; Jamaican black Castor oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.

Big tooth combs:

During your hair transformation you will be tempted to Comb, brush and “stimulate” the hair all the time. Keep In mind to keep the styling and messin’ to a minimum but in the times when it’s wash day a big tooth comb goes a long way along with combing the hair when it is wet or well moisturized; to avoid breakage. Don’t want to invest in a comb? Fingers work wonders! Especially when combing your conditioner through your hair, I tend to avoid the combs all together and use my own 10 to get the job done.

Bobby pens, banana clips, and head wraps:

These helpful styling tools have saved me a many of hair malfunction days. Especially when I’m in a hurry or when my hair is still wet. These also allow the opportunity to get creative and find simple yet functional styles that are appropriate for any occasion. And don’t be afraid to try new things with these hair tools; You will be surprised of the styles that’s flatter and grow on you!


Of course a healthy inside is key to a healthy outside. Healthy diet and vitamins can play a major roll in maintain a healthy natural hair journey ironically enough. Remember we briefly discussed the benefits of Biotin in the blog post “Issa party pack”?! Well to reiterate how lit it is, Biotin is essential to hair,skin and nail health because it is a water base b vitamin that helps convert food into energy. See, LIT!

Another word, find what works for you. Simply enough but so legit; and this goes beyond the vitamins and all things suggested. I got lost in everyone else’s antidotes and don’t get me wrong some worked for me but most did not. That’s why trial and error was at the top of my list. Every persons hair is different, every product is different, and most important every life style is different. Every product will not work for you just cause it worked for your homegirl, and that’s ok!

Last but not least: PATIENCE

More than anything embrace the journey, because that is for sure what it is. Like all growth it doesn’t happen over night it takes time and a legit effort. Don’t get lost in how the hair doesn’t look like such in such cause you might be surprised what ol girl on instagram is doing to get or keep her hair like that, if that’s all even hers, but I digress. It’s always funny to me the stigma behind natural hair , How untamed it looks or whatever y’all wanna call it. It’s taken me years to embrace my hair and simply how it comes out my head but now I love it and have learned how to work with it vs attempting to “fit in” or look “professional”; whatever the fuck that shit means.

Feel free to share what works for you, or some of you hair care fears or questions and most importantly…Embrace your crown.

Continue to live well Kings and Queens .

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