Short and sweet!

Daylights saving has brought on some super exciting, super good and super FREE STUFF but only for a short amount of time. So I know y’all wanna know whats the stuff Weeeeeelll, drum roll and all that other stuff please……..

I’ll be teaching my FIRST vinyasa yoga class this Friday evening 8 pm at Detroit Yoga lab!!!! IKR?! Alright so here’s the logistics:


69 West Forest ave Detroit Mi 48201- be there or be square cause ya ass won’t be “ah round”! ( see what I did there!).


8:00pm- 9:00pm yes shawty just one hr of your time!

What to bring?

1.Comfy clothes- be ready to move!

2.A yoga mat- if you have one but don’t worry if you don’t we have accommodations!

3. A friend- rather beginner or seasoned yoga is for everybody! Date night? Perfect lil vibe to start your weekend ! Not a date night?! That’s cool, Friends invite friends to cool shit ESPECIALLY if it’s for the free!

4. Good energy- self explanatory 😊

5. An open mind- don’t trip about the “what if I look stupid and I don’t know what I’m doing and blah blah blah”….it’s yoga PRACTICE not yoga perfect!

I’m super excited to share this journey with you guys and looking forward to seeing you, yes you!

Comment, share, and most importantly, come to the session!

See, short and super sweet!

Continue to live well! ❤️

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