Dope-ness Board

Hey y’all,

With me claiming this being the year of dope shit happenin; spring strugglin to come on round the river bend will not rain on my parade. So I wanted to start highlighting dope-ness that I know of. So many times we get lost In the sauce, wanting to be seen among the stars and talk with those we feel have already “made it”. And of course nothing is wrong with that however I have and know a wide range of locally based and shall I say successful entrepreneurs and talented folks as close friends, family and associates that aren’t always in the limelight of things but bring dope-ness that you all need to be aware of! I want to talk to these dope folks, taking the time to get to know all their business and how they they make a contribution to black wellness.

I had the pleasure of our first Dope-ness Board interview being with Ms. Janelle Loving Locks Wilson with Loving locks…. Take a look below and if you have or know of any Business’s or dope-ness period that’s happening, hit me up! I’d love to feature you and all the dope-ness you bring to the world!

Be sure to stop by and support the Grand opening and costumer appreciation celebration happening Sunday April 29th 4pm-6pm at 44433 Ann Arbor Rd. Phenix Suite 112 Plymouth Michigan 48170

Be sure to follow Ms. Janelle Wilson on all social media platforms:

Insta: lovinglocks08


Facebook: Loving Locks Hair Salon

FB Personal page: Janelle Loving Locks Wilson

Continue to live well!

One thought on “Dope-ness Board

  1. The interview was a nice touch (addition)! Excellent questions too. Looking forward to more interviews on the topic of wellness. Keep them coming! Congratulations to Mrs. Janelle Wilson “LovingLocks” at her new location!


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