Let’s talk meal preps, yes again.

Motivation Monday:

Meal prepping can seem very intimidating especially when you feel you don’t know where to start. First off don’t trip, let your meal preps be a time of innovation and fun! Finds ways to incorporate a new random fruit you’ve been wanting to try or add that new spice to your rice (rhyme game still crazy out here).

So many have asked me the daunting “how do you meal prep? How do you find the time? Or better yet how do you eat the same thing everyday?! Get ready for the secret meal prep hack that’s not so much a secret: I typically only meal prep for 3 to 4 days at a time.

You read right, a well balanced meal prep for me will typically consist of heavy greens and grains and a small portion of protein that’s usually being ate on for 3-4 days cause my day 2.5 I’n over it!

Of course you guys know I don’t really get into the “right” or wrong” ways of doing anything I just give out tips on what has worked well for me, so here’s your meal prep starter pack. These are basic needs to find your groove for your meal preps:

Tubaware- I usually clean up at Meijer getting the variety size pack of plastic bowls. Usually it comes with 3 sizes. Large ones for your main course meals, medium for snacks, small for dressings or added fixings for your meals.

Ziplock bags: of all sizes. Small ones helps proportion snacks and the larger ones are great for freezing and storage.

In terms of food, sorry guys no I don’t measure nor do I count calories. So this next statement may sound like a jerk move but I honestly just try to be mindful of what my body needs for the day. Veggies are good at anytime of the day so include em. Brefis (breakfast), lunch, snack, dinner; veggies will be in attendance. Rather it’s some broccoli or spinach in my smoothies in the morning, or some celery and peanut butter for a snack. In terms of portions I’ll be honest I go a lil crazy cause, why not it’s veggies! For portions of meat protein, personal preference I don’t eat meat everyday but when I do I try to make my portion no bigger than my hand 🤚🏾, same for grains and carbs, I try to keep them no larger than 1 or 2 handfuls. For my fruits I try to always keep some handy or easily assessable, Especially when my nerves are on edge. Instead of reaching for that candy jar that’s ironically enough placed right next to my desk at work , crank that Apple instead 🙃.

My go to Foods of choice for Snacks:





Dark chocolate

Greek yogurt



Peanut butter

Flax seed (great for salads and smoothies)

Chia seeds (great for salads and smoothies)

Organic Frozen fruit for smoothies


hard boiled eggs

Apple cider vinegar (great for salads and smoothies)

Of course this a very basic list but real walkin talkie this where is started and expanded. Key word here: expand, explore and of course sharing is caring, I’d love to hear some of your quick hit go to’s

Have a family to feed? Dividing meal preps and meals for the whole family is a hell. No for me so, make this a great way to incorporate family time, cutting up your fixin’s together, educating one another on the benifits of the healthier choices and of course a great time of bonding cause who don’t like bondin over some food?!

Don’t be intimidated by meal prepping, I’ve learned that I’ve only gotten better by simply goin at it, over and over again and have fun with it! I may hype myself up on a new recipe I want to try and do my meal prep shopping for that specific meal for my two to four day meal run. I try to also get as much organic frozen fruits and vegetables when I can because we all know and hate how quickly a bag of lettuce will be slimy and brown by day “soon as its in my fridge” I also get an early start early first thing Saturday/ Sunday mornings to avoid the afternoon rush for shopping time. Again meal prep for me is no right or wrong it’s what and how you make it so of course make it fun and something ou will be dedicated to revamping over and over based on what your body needs there are great resource on line and apps to help find recipes. Usually when I’m bored I’ll google “healthy crock pot meals” or better yet I’ll type in “what can I make with (list of a few ingredients I already have in my house). LEGIT this works and I’ll razzle dazzle you it with some dish you ain’t never seen before or maybe you have, but you get my drift on the creatively part.

Share your meal prep wins and whoas and ways to improve and also send your questions. Happy meal prepping!

Live and love Well ❤️

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk meal preps, yes again.

  1. I recently made a pork roast with carrots and potatoes (I also don’t eat a lot of meat or even potatoes for that matter). I was gifted the roast and didn’t want to waste it. Like you, I meal prep almost everything! Since there’s no way I was going to eat a whole roast all at once, I took the time to divide all of this into small single servings. I left out one or two of these individual servings in my refrigerator to use as lunches for work and all the rest went into my freezer for another day. The frozen meals are great for days you are super busy…or if you don’t feel well some day or just don’t feel like cooking.

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  2. Last week I did a meal prep for breakfast. Simply mixing some eggs and pouring them in a cupcake pan. Then either adding broccoli and cheddar cheese or diced tomatoes and spinach into the cup. Comes out so good! And also made banana oat pancakes. Topped with maple syrup and raspberries. Smashing!!!!

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