Stay Light

Eight days into the New Year, has anyone else done a self check-in? Rather you partake in the New year resolution shenanigans or not; the New year aways seems to welcome a fresh energy, appreciation and anticipation for what’s ahead. With so much going on around us it can be daunting to try to keep up with it all, the goals, the relationship, what you’re gonna eat tomorrow, what meme is supposedly poppin now. In a space that constantly draws us from the most important connection we will ever need to really press ahead. That connection to self and a sense of “yeah I’m really do this shit, in the dopest way I coulda ever dreamed up”.With some much around us to take our focus off the focus keep in mind the start and why it matters to you, what ever that “it” is. Stay light, in the mist of it all, the confusion, the highs, the lows, the frustration of the journey, remember why you started and stay light.

L- loving in all ways

I- Ignited by purpose

G- Gracious toward all, including yourself

H- Honest even if it hurts , pain doesn’t last.

T- True to you self

Live and love well. ❤️

One thought on “Stay Light

  1. 👍🏾 Keep it moving and enjoy “your journey.” Others can be tremendously blessed from our experiences. But the journey truly does belong to us. So I challenge myself and others to always look for the gold, the treasures in it all. Life is good!💜


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