The day the sun got away. It seemed I kept chasing tryna get to its rays to energize but I was always reaching. When once before I couldn’t stand to be in direct contact cause it felt too intense. The pressure was on, Now look at us chasing the sun just to get a lil lit before she goes to rest when we should have appreciated when she was at her best. Lost love feels like that when you wait too late to appreciate what was once so easy to attain now it’s just a thought and never forgotten name that rings it the mind every time im feeling down or forgotten now I know what it feels like. Never take your creativity for granted.

I had a dream that I could only remember when the reality of it hit me moments later the aftermath stunted how I perceived the world couldn’t tell if I was coming or going now I’m just hoping to manifest the best dreams and not the worries of my mind oh sun shine, how time has its affects and picks and chooses what it decides to remember let alone entertain … let your creativity sing instead of the pain….your are mine.


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