Yogi rant… part deux


Create something the way you create something is by making the effort to do something… everyday. Do something…your time of nothing is up, whatever you do please do something rather it’s teach, sing, learn, love, grow. wake up every morning with the goal to get something done. When you get up with a mindset made on accomplishing a goal you are more likely to do it; and succeed. And all it takes is to do that one thing and do that one something well and the rest will take care of itself. Stick to something and know that if you stick to something something will stick to you and know that whatever is not meant to stay with you will fall alway no matter how hard you fight to make it stay… don’t let it have to kill you to Overstand… *drake introlude* “only over my dead body” . That’s when you know the job is done when the victory is won that’s when God will let you come on home. When you Finally do all the cool shit you said you would do. What was your purpose here why did you come? you alway kept thinking you were the last when in truth you knew you alway kinda been the one. And your just waiting to see it for yourself fuck everybody else. Like y you think people travel you get tired of hearing everybody else’s tale you wanna know it all for yourselves. Yes every part of you, Fuck leaving baby on the shelves of life deep down inside you wanna live it, love it enough to do something with it. All that knowledge and information can’t replace the sun from shining on action, where energy goes energy flows so we’re are we going? *I wanna go to que middle of things by Sango, “ London Tokyo Paris La, New York, Bali Ghana, Spain. Had to change it up a bit to fit in my scope and thats okay as creative that’s literally what we all tryna do, how does this work for me so that it can serve the whole.

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