Love posse :::

I know you see me I see you too

I know you feel me, I feel you too, I know it’s much; but it’s alright cause I think I loved you in my past life….

Where do we go from here

Do we keep standing here

Standing here staring here

cause we both know … (know what?)

Okay where did my headphones go

Naw but but for real doe see how the mind runs wild when it has the potential to actually gets what the fuck it wants?

I feel love in thee air, don’t be scared.

I love you so please don’t be scared

I just wanna know you feel that shit too.

Like it’s on our heels and it ain’t lettin up

Ain’t tryna be the ham again who fell alone and get stuck; but maybe that what it takes for us to know that someone else is willing to go the mile, go the Nile. That’s what they mean when they said the go the whole 9 idk about u but I been tryna get mine… let’s go all the way let us find healing… and stay.

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