New moon who dis?

You ever fucked with a narcissist?

I knew you wasn’t shit when I first saw you but yet I still chose to fuck around

I knew you could never love me the way I needed to be loved but still pictured used crowned

Dubbed the royal flush… so finding out u wasn’t as strong as u fronted was hella tough.

How naive of me to place hope in a tree that never even innerstood its own roots and the heart it was bred from

She thought she had one from the way he spoke so high and favored

But it only came round with the shrooms and vapors

He was part of the lost boys yeah the Peter Pan band the lost dead sons

You know the ones walkin round with their heads In the white mans cloud too scared to dream and dance out loud til he caught the beat down for being a creative so he just ran his whole life tryna be found.

Lesson learned and no love lost if anything it’s love found much gratitude to the clown that showed his hand.

The boy who thought he was a Man

Until his habits got the best of him.

When the healing needed to honestly catch up the rest of him.

But it wasn’t her job to save him from himself.

Cyber love affair got turned down when she found out he really wasn’t as real as he said he was

Couldn’t even stand in The streets that he said he does.

Maybe she was too confident and over shot her shoot

Left on read so many times her soul felt the mute.

Just to get hit with the okey doke

All the Facebook like turned into a bitter poke

And now all ya niggas is embarrassed and trying to save face or maybe even hide

And love as we all once knew it eventually died.

So sad to see her go when her heart was really pure

Now the only thing ya left with is her allure and maybe that’s all y’all ever needed and all she was suppose to learn. Never give a nigga ya heart unless you willing to let it… burn.

But watch the rise from the ashes watch the negative shot dissipate and and all that love you once knew felt like some underline hate when the world keeps spinning without you on its axis and the moons hit the dougie when it’s time to shine on these handstands or be new she chose to show up anyway and win with or without you know how everybody wants to be in the Picture when she hits the news but when the house was heated by the stove or when her food was always whole she had to remember who loved her even in the dark spaces and couldn’t even get close enough to @ her.

Eventually the butterfly just kept moving the glass…. until it eventually shatters.

One thought on “New moon who dis?

  1. I’m truly losted for words. So powerful my heart and eyes are filled with tears. Love the words you share and love you even more . Gorgeous inside and out. Thank you.


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