Vision boards…

With 2020 in full swing I have so much gratitude just to be able to see it, literally. Last year I suffered a pretty scary vision loss but as Spirit would have it, 🗣”I’m back an I’m betta” (said in my best Bryson Tiller voice). January 1 2019, I made my first vision board quite fun experience to say the least; one of the things I put on there was to work abroad. I didn’t know what all this would Intel, how it would unfold or what abroad even meant if you want me to be completely candid 😅. I just knew I wanted to be able to share what I love and to experience it outside of “The D” every now and then.

I actually had a whole bunch of stuff on that vision board that I knew I wanted to experience but didn’t really know, you know?! I didn’t quite understand what it would take to experience any of the things I really put on the board I just knew the pictures I saw made me happy, they brought about a vision that as a child I knew seemed amazing and beautiful but never really did I believe that eye could experience any of it let alone how to do it or when.

Fast forward a year later (or a few weeks in) I’m counting my blessing to say in some way I have cultivated the space for each of the things I have wanted to experience on that vision board. From a small scale garden to larger scale mandatory womb wellness Wednesday that is a weekly ritual that allows me a full day of Bri specific self care. And although not so abroad yet (cough cough, spirit) I am excited to share that I will be co-leading my second retreat in Baja Mexico with a dear yogi friend of mine in spring 2020 this year.

So with that in mind and in heart I would love to share this time and experience with you; Yeah you! If you are looking to awaken the elements within yourself, reconnect with your purpose and create the vision that allows you to experience the joys big and small around and working you, I would love for you to join myself and sister fran Sitara Bird for Detroit Yoga Lab’s 5 day retreat happening April 28th- May 3. Logging, meals, meditation, Dailey yoga, workshops, excursions and many more surprises and experiences included so if I’ve peaked your interests click the link below for more details and hope to share this experience with you. Until then you can catch me getting ready by creating another vision board and being open to the magic that awaits on the other side.

Peace family, continue to live love and grow well and keep creating the vision. 💜

Interested in retreat details!

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