The Art of vulnerability

What does it look like? How does it feel? How do you know this heart has the potential to be something real and not this superficial shit thats all over the web now…most folk just lookin for clout but all we really get is a flaw covered cloud that’s still tryna fit into the over crowded crowd. Most still hidin the fact that we all sick and tryna get healed in some way what if that’s the purpose of life… heal thyself therfore heal a part of the the world,from the scared little boy in the grown mans body tryna fit in daddy’s shoes and make momma proud to the little girl feeling the pressure and getting tired of being told she’s too loud and to tone her beauty down. But this is what God gave us to work with so how do we create the magic it ain’t like it’s in some Human 101 how to human as fuck handbook and if it is no bodies reading that shit and I mean nobody and it shows cause none of us know what we doin here legit just showing up so we don’t get fined and cause well shit we here might as well live… only to be told your dream is too big and that it could be impossible too and that somebody else is already doin that there so what make it’s so sweet because its you.

So much up against the tenacious that’s what makes you dope. The ability to stand in front of the Na sayers and not choke.

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