Don’t mind me…Just clearing out the drafts section.

Who don’t like presence?

Bring more presence to the body

Be willing to explore what does and does not work for you and note what Nuances catch on.

Dream come true vs illusion running ramped and on the lose somebody get the nuse the shit feels overwhelming if you wanna know the truth

If we we hang it up now though while the going gets good how dont we know that life won’t throw us up another dose and end up right back were we would…

Dreams look familiar and eventually the moments aligns where you feel it happening in real time like the past catches up to the future and the beauty no longer only exist in the mind.

When the right energy drop in right on time, 10:29 talk about perfect timing some would say it was a coincidence and maybe that’s true but how many coincidences became instances that laid some light to some dark places that could be just what heaven sent, just call it and angel with the signs you were mine…just like you landed on my birthday even on our worst day we always come out divine…and that’s that on that.

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