Midnight Moon

I know you wanna get high…

Stop playin…

I know you tryna vibe…

Stop playin…

I know you wanna see…

Quit playin…

I know you wanna be…

Quit playin, but that’s how you gone do me.

Frontin like I don’t see you

I see me too

How it feel to peep yo soul peep you

Starrin back at you… and I see you

Yeah I see you and I love what I see

They say Beauties eyes behold the beauty

So you tellin me tellin me you say facts

That when I see you I glimpsed at my soul starrin back

And you feelin the healin that you feel proof that love looks really real… beautiful.

Sometime I’m the even and some times I play the Odds but and even can never be an odd so what’s the odds that imma God.

Sometime I’m a poet sometime I sing

But we all know poetry is just art in motion yeah it can truly be a thing

Sometimes I’m just being me just doing better with keepin time… moonshine no fool what’s yo moon sign

We don’t believe time is linear anyway

I say what’s yo moon sign yeah that’s for me too but don’t worry we gone figure it out together cause something in me sees you.

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