4 James

They all just wanted their flowers while they were alive.

His cake and eat it too

His summer time sky blue kinda hue.

Four James the originals that set the trend or maybe set us back

Miss lead cause his heart was too afraid to align and get on track.

It slowly corroded every effort that he gave when he made his heart the slave that had to pay

For a legacy that he never willingly gave.

Poor james

Pour it up for em

And now he spends his days running from his fears and every woman he claimed to love.

When it started with the lost hugs from his mother and the missed moments he never had with his dad.

That’s the real reasons he walked around so hard now ain’t that sad.

Thinking that now only money was the only thing that cared for their wounded inner child’s life

while he secretly craved love he wanted to know it in sight, Aiight

But how you gone do that if you stay running? After while loves embrace seemed like a dream where there was no fun felt in

He felt then he could never be happy with 1 and done in the end only to be the real lost sun always ready to condemn

Now ain’t that the brew

I apologize for those who made it seem too hard to believe and choose to love you too.

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