I have worked and still working….

Presence is something I have struggled with over the years. It hasn’t alway felt easy to be in the now like even right now I keep looking around damn there hoping to find something to become distracted with just to not write how I feel; to not feel the duty to share what I have learned to know and understand especially during these times. In my silent moments, I have bombarded myself of anything that gives me a sense of movement, action, progress and sometimes even sabotage; just to feel alive. Only to realize that it wasn’t living at all it has only pulled me away from that which fuels the best parts of my soul. So I am choosing to share what presence has taught me at least up to this point cause I know I still got a journey ahead of me.

Presence allows me to heal my future by the thoughts I entertain in the now.

Presence shows me that everything really is okay if I allow it to be.

Presence has made me realize the fact that I am really up in this bitch. Somebody didn’t make it, yet here my ass is; who woulda thought.

Presence helps me to trust that my story will unfold in a positive way even in uncomfortable circumstances.

Presence allows me to manifest a positive vibe… even right now turn on some good music and listen.

Presence allows me to improve and be better with each moment; By choosing with intensional integrity.

“Choose to be better in each moment in each new breath”

Presence allows me to hold more gratitude for the moment at hand especially as it concerns the fact that a new breath taken is a new opportunity granted.

Being present allows us to release fear, worry, or anxiety cause you can’t do both fam. It reminds me daily to choose faith over fear.

It allows the moment to heal cause sometimes the moments just asks us to be here with it instead of just letting it pass by with a distracted mind.

Presence allows for the moment to heal. To love and to recognize Gods way of communication.

Thank you for the many gifts to be here now…

To be continued…

One thought on “I have worked and still working….

  1. Just now reading this, Saturday, December 12th, three days after grandmother’s funeral. Asking one’s self to be still, just be, be in the present moment. There is security, and the presence of God.


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