I’ll show you everything. Yeah that’s right right in the first night and for the rest of my life. I promise to shed it for you even those shadow aspects of life. I’ll tell you how I was an emotional wife to a wifeless fool. And how I snore when no one is watching or so I thought. I might even show you my traumas and how they show up as a food addiction. I’ll let you catch me with my platout for that crispy braid out the next day. I’ll show you how I once stole the show in a play. Naw but I really was the star in my eyes and eventually you’res too. Watched the liquor crash those scenes and no, don’t let them fools lie to you, probation feels like hell too. I’ll reenact all my best concert jams and tell you of the story of why I was Brandys biggest fan, only after she pointed at me while performing on stage. I’ll tell you how all of the times I just knew what it was and what it was not. But will I fart in front of you? My baby, You askin for too much…besides who would really belief in that kinda fairy dust.

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