Yogi rants

Some days…. Some day’s I feel like I’m living in a world where everybody knows who I am but me. Like people are watching the story unfold of me discovering my own divinity. The interactions I have the conversations I hear some of the irony makes me excited other parts pull out the fear. I’ve […]

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Surprise surprise!

Happy motivation/ movement Monday’s y’all. Its been a while since I’ve shared any wellness news or creative work but listen up, after having yoga in the yard for the past 2 consecutive summers and battling with Queen “muva” nature’s mood swings ( trust me I get it momma), I am excited to announce that Yoga […]

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The day the sun got away. It seemed I kept chasing tryna get to its rays to energize but I was always reaching. When once before I couldn’t stand to be in direct contact cause it felt too intense. The pressure was on, Now look at us chasing the sun just to get a lil […]

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This is my yoga…

As I find myself with more time to see who Bri really is, I notice the small efforts that add up in an attempt to defy the odds and build something from what some would perceive as nothing. This original video of me just kinda fuckin around tryna but flows together for my classes turned […]

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