Short and sweet!

Daylights saving has brought on some super exciting, super good and super FREE STUFF but only for a short amount of time. So I know y’all wanna know whats the stuff Weeeeeelll, drum roll and all that other stuff please…….. I’ll be teaching my FIRST vinyasa yoga class this Friday evening 8 pm at Detroit […]

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Hair flair starter pack

The difference a year makes…. one day I got scissor happy and cut it… most of it at least. But with a lot of hair TLC and patience, my Maine is back and healthier longer and stronger like it never left. With the dramatic hair change of course comes the inquires and to be honest […]

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Unfuck Yourself.

With the first 31 days of the new year being out the way I first want to say, congratulations; you are making it! I know it gets hard and those new year resolutions don’t always look so promising and its much easier to go back to the old bad habits, but I’m here to remind […]

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Coldest winter ever….Understatement.

Winter time has and forever will be a hard time for me. Between the below zero cant feel yo face temps, yall sick cousins that don’t know how to just stay they sick ass in the house, “cuffin season games”, the sudden wear and tear on my whip and just simply craving the influences of the sun; with the most appropriate least […]

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Getcha life.

During such crazy times, so many of us are just out here simply looking for the answers to life, or as many coin the phrase find “the cheat codes”. Quite frankly I’m here to tell y’all it ain’t none, sorry. All the shortcuts, handouts, and quick fixes don’t last nor do they work for real. […]

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Knowing when to Break.

Most don’t bring wellness full circle to include vacations, experiences, and fun but those are most definitely a part of the journey.I’ve been taking inventory on my quality of life, seeing what I wanna adjust, experience and expand on; and traveling has been a big thing that i’ve been wanting to do more of.  Especially now that […]

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