Vision boards…

With 2020 in full swing I have so much gratitude just to be able to see it, literally. Last year I suffered a pretty scary vision loss but as Spirit would have it, đź—Ł”I’m back an I’m betta” (said in my best Bryson Tiller voice). January 1 2019, I made my first vision board quite […]

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“Twerk somethin guru I mean girl I mean fam, damn” đź¤·đźŹľâ€Ťâ™€ď¸Ź

With cool crisp mornings banging down our doors, hot tea in toe and cute warm colors for fashion waiting to shine through, let us usher on in my favorite time of the year; fall aka autumn or whatever y’all wanna call it. But we all know the signature marks of it, some stores can’t even […]

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We all know all too well you gotta be on the move to make some shit move; And no cap (s/o to the friend zone pod for gettin my lingo game up) with so much on the rise and forefront, sometime you just gotta go outside and un-fuckin-plug. I had the pleasure of getting some […]

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Still poppin’

Peace, Although todays forcast is a lil on the rainy side, no rain is projected for tomorrow so hope to see you, yeah you for yoga in the yard 10:30 am- 11:30 am $5 with $2 mat rental availabe at 3210 S. Annabelle (48217). Cash app and square also available. Remeber all proceeds are going […]

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Spare Change

This past week has been pretty inspiring. I attended Detroit start up week for entrepreneurs. Detroit start up week is a week full of seminars, workshops, panels and information packed segments with leading entrepreneurs in the city and from all over the world that come to network and help those that are looking to get […]

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….and We Back!

First and foremost I want to say thank you to all those who have rocked with and supported The phoenix project. Letter B: My baby turns 1 years old today! Yes has been up and running for a full year as of TODAY! The last 365 has been a wonderful journey; learning myself,  continuing to move forward and most importantly helping others […]

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Coldest winter ever….Understatement.

Winter time has and forever will be a hard time for me. Between the below zero cant feel yo face temps, yall sick cousins that don’t know how to just stay they sick ass in the house, “cuffin season games”, the sudden wear and tear on my whip and just simply craving the influences of the sun; with the most appropriate least […]

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Getcha life.

During such crazy times, so many of us are just out here simply looking for the answers to life, or as many coin the phrase find “the cheat codes”. Quite frankly I’m here to tell y’all it ain’t none, sorry. All the shortcuts, handouts, and quick fixes don’t last nor do they work for real. […]

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